Monday, April 15, 2013

The Moore Hunt

Well friends I am woefully behind, and the people who stopped by here before have all but decided I've given up on blogging. But I haven't! I just needed a break. I have some photos from the Moore Easter Egg Hunt to share today. Here we go:

The Easter tee.

I bought that cute Easter tee with LM's name on it for him to wear to the egg hunts. Daddy didn't like the tee - he thought it was girly. Whatever. It's spring, people. Spring colors are pastels. Anyway, he wore it to the Moore egg hunt, but it was so cold, he had a coat on over it! So, there he is in Daddy's big boots, wearing the shirt.

The cold, cold egg hunt!

Easter was early this year, but the Sunday before Easter was REALLY cold! The wind was crazy. So, the egg hunt, sadly, was really short. They had a snack and hunted for eggs and that was it! Mrs. Moore always has games and crafts, and we had to miss that fun due to the weather. That was a bummer. But the part we got in was fun, even in the cold!

All the cute Easter outfits were covered in coats and hats!


All the cousins.

The hunt!

The boy and the cold Mama.

Thanking Mrs. Moore

Warming up in the car afterwards!

And one more shot of that shirt!

More Easter coming soon.

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