Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Better Bluebonnets with Baby

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S and I set out to Ennis last Saturday to try our hand at getting the elusive baby bluebonnet photo. As you will remember, when I set out to get these photos myself, it was not pretty. So, I wanted to try again, and Ennis has not only a Bluebonnet Festival, but their Convention and Visitor's Bureau also maps out the best possible locations for bluebonnet viewing in and around the area. We had the best luck on Sugar Ridge Road, if you happen to still plan to make a trip down there.

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Much of the bluebonnet viewing is not accessible for photos with babies. They are farm fields that have been seeded with the wildflowers just for the spring. These fields, which in some locations went on for miles, were absolutely gorgeous to look at. Driving around just to see the wildflowers is well worth the short drive south. There are, of course, also locations that are accessible for taking photos in the flowers. We found one such place that seemed to be the best possible location. It was fabulous. We carted the boy out, set him up in the flowers and on the chair, and thought we were done. We changed him out of his Easter outfit and put him back in his seat for the ride home. Then we saw another amazing field, so we stopped and took some photos of him in his play outfit.


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It was still difficult to entice a smile from the boy. I think the long ride, the unfamiliar surroundings, lots to look at, the sun, the flowers, etc made wanting to smile a difficult task. We were successful, nonetheless, in capturing a few cute ones. Dad goofed around and I took some first, then dad photographed and I jumped around and made a scene. Anything for a good photo. Ahem.

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Apparently, they look good enough to eat.

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I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor in the flower patch as much as we are. I can't wait to see how he's changed by this time next year and what kinds of photos might be possible then.

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See you soon.

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