Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

April 10 Easter Egg Hunt 2011 (2)

We were invited to the most amazing Easter Egg Hunt a few days ago. It is put on by a family friend, and wowza does she put on a party!

April 10 Easter Egg Hunt 2011 (18)

Apparently, her mother did egg hunts for her children when they were little, so when her children started having children, she started the tradition with her grandchildren. But then she decided to start inviting other kids to come. They outgrew her backyard last year, so this year she moved it to a beautiful park with a large pavilion that would allow the festivities to continue even if it rained.

April 10 Easter Egg Hunt 2011 (12)

It didn't rain this year - the weather was beautiful. For the event, this amazing lady put 1000 - one THOUSAND - eggs together and hid them in this field. We arrived just after the "hunt" since we knew LM wouldn't really hunt this year. But, just as we arrived, scads - well, about 50 - of children were in this field collecting eggs.

April 10 Easter Egg Hunt 2011 (10)

That's right - she puts together enough eggs - all with treats inside - for each child to collect 20 eggs! Isn't that amazing! And, on top of that, she had craft projects for them to do and snacks!

April 10 Easter Egg Hunt 2011 (7)
As always, LM was enamored with the "big kids". He will stare them down.

April 10 Easter Egg Hunt 2011 (6)
She even had snacks for the parents!

It was incredibly kind of her to include us in this event. I hope we get to attend next year, because LM will be out there in the action then! This year, he enjoyed the animal crackers and the fellowship, and of course, wearing an adorable spring ensemble. ;-)

April 10 Easter Egg Hunt 2011 (1)

We did get out to take a few more bluebonnet photos. I'll upload them soon. See you then.

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