Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bluebonnet Fail

It's a rite of passage for the Texas parent to drag their child out into the bluebonnets dressed in a cute outfit and take their photo. Seriously, it seems everyone does this. So, of course, being a new parent, I was totally excited to take LM out to the bluebonnet field for some photos.


Well, perhaps I should clarify the excited part - lest you think I have become normal or something. This is what really happened. I was driving said boy to the bluebonnet field, thinking about taking the photos, and actually STARTED CRYING in the car over how excited I was that I had a little boy to photograph in the bluebonnets. Yeah. That's right. I'm still crazy.



scowling boy in the bluebonnets
One I caught with my camera phone with an award winning scowl.

So, S had to work this particular morning. I thought, "No problem, I'll take the boy out myself." I dressed him up in his Easter outfit - white polo, light blue argyle sweater vest, seersucker pants. On the way there, even though he had napped prior and wasn't due for another nap for an hour or so, Little Man fell asleep on the way to the bluebonnet field - about a twenty minute trip. When we arrived, I woke him up and set out to the field.




He was NOT INTERESTED at ALL in smiling for the camera. Or, really, even LOOKING in my general direction. Instead, he was interested in picking and EATING the grass, and lunging forward to hit his head on the ground, resulting in a grass stain on his forehead. Seriously. It was not pretty. I moved him from patch to patch. I sang. I danced. I made funny noises. I made funny faces. I changed cameras, locations and directions.





Nothing made an impact on the boy. At all. He couldn't have cared less about his Mama wanting a prized bluebonnet photo.

This one too

Once - ONCE - one time for a brief moment he smiled at me. And, I think I got one decent photo. Maybe two. That's it. We hope, if the weather and temperaments cooperate, to try one more time this weekend before the bluebonnets fade into the past for this spring. I'll share the fruits of our labor here if we get out to do it.

A decent one!

See you soon.

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