Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Months Old

Nine Months on Nana's quilt

So another month has flown by - it really seems like this month DID fly by, probably because we've been so busy. The boy is now 10 months old - TODAY! Can you believe it? I'm getting a monthly birthday post up on the actual day! He is 10 months old today - closing in quickly on a year. Here are some of the highlights from the past month.


As you know, we went to Indiana at the top of the month. Then, we had several other events in the month, including going to NYC! So, we've been on the move for sure. LM is also on the move. He crawls FAST and pulls up with ease. And, just in the last couple of days, he is officially "cruising" around the furniture and trying to climb up on stuff. Goodness. He pushes around the activity table like it's a walking simulator, and loves to push around storage bins and laundry baskets, back and forth, back and forth across the floor. It's hard to keep up! I can't imagine how hard it will be when he's actually walking. Katie bar the door!

Good morning grin.

He has been working on getting four - yes FOUR - teeth on top since right around the 9 month mark. They are slow moving, but coming in. This has created some discomfort for the child and the parent, but it's not too bad, really. He's generally a happy baby.




Also new this month - it seems, at least at times, that he uses his sounds "mom mom" and "da da da" to mean us. As if he associates those with us, as our names or how to get our attention. Then, sometimes, he just makes the noises, so you know, it could be nothing.

Playing "drop the paci" with Daddy.

The boy likes to play lots of new games. First one, he will put a cloth over his own head and wait for you to wonder where he is, then pull it off in dramatic fashion for a "peek-a-boo!" He also likes us to ask him how big he is and pull his hands up and say, "SO BIG!" but he doesn't move his hands up to do it himself yet. He likes to drop things and wait for you to pick them up, or likes to just drop things in general. He likes to get up and down, up and down, either by standing and sitting or up in your lap and down to the floor.



Since just after his 9 month birthday, we have started feeding him "real" food. They offer him the "real" meal at school every day, then if he doesn't eat it, they give him baby food. He almost always eats breakfast - waffles, pancakes, bagels, cereal, fruit, etc. He is getting better at eating lunch and dinner, but he doesn't eat meat. He sometimes will try it but then spit it out. Sometimes he'll just skip eating the meat all together. The first week we tried the "real" food he ate virtually nothing. Now he eats all the vegetables and fruits. He also usually skips the pasta, interestingly. I think it's too hard to gum up for him, or he doesn't see the point in doing it or something, because it'll go in, with sauce or plain, but come back out.

Protesting the meat in the baby food.

We eat "real" food at home too, and he has tried a variety of foods. His favorite food, bar none, is a grilled cheese sandwich. This boy will eat an ENTIRE grilled cheese as fast as you can tear it up into little pieces. He also really likes pizza. In fact, he has actually eaten a couple of pieces of sausage in conjunction with pizza, so there's hope for the meat family. I often get him applesauce to go with whatever I order him if we're out, and he likes that too - especially the kind they serve at restaurants, which is WAY sweeter than anything I purchase. He still really likes his baby cereal, too, though. I think we'll probably keep the baby food on the menu for a few more weeks as he tries more and more foods.



I am still breastfeeding the boy - actually, the week in NYC was very nice in that regard, because it was a holiday from pumping since we were together for a whole nine days. But I'm back at it at work, really looking forward to the end of pumping. I'll have another week together with him at the beginning of June. (Yay! Another pumping holiday!) And then we'll be together in Vail when I go for work for two weeks. I'm hoping I have enough still stored up when we get back from Vail that I could just not pump between there and his birthday. It's only about two weeks before his birthday, when you can "officially" give him cow's milk.

LM visited my workplace a couple of weeks ago.
Someone gave him that hat and maraca left over from
a Cinco de Mayo luncheon we had.

If I have about a two week supply in the fridge when we return home, even if I'm a little short, I think that will be the plan. When it's gone, on to cow's milk, even if a day or two early! I might still breastfeed him morning and night as long as he wants to do it. We shall see. All of this means I really only have about four more weeks of pumping if this plan works out. YAHOO! to that. I am so glad I have been able to breastfeed him this long. But, I'll be also glad to get my body back in a way - able to diet hard core and get this weight off.


Grabbing the Easter chick.

It is still hard for me to leave him and go to work each Monday. I wish I had more flexibility with my schedule that would allow me a little more time with boy while still working. But, so far I haven't figured out what that might look like. But recently I read this article that helped me remember a few things. First, it seems all mommies have guilt about whatever their situation is. Second, being the best Mommy I can be might just include working outside the home. Third, by working outside the home I will be a role model for my child. Seriously on number three, I remember well when my mother returned to work. I HATED the after school care. Hated it. I could tell you some stories...but that's not the point. The point is, I also saw my mother as an independent confidant woman who was separate from just being my Mommy. And, I think that was a very important thing for me to see. And working, at least for now, is part of who I am in our household and in my own mind. So for now, I will be sad on Mondays and love it when I pick him up every afternoon.

on the move 10 month quilt shoot
The thing that is hard to capture about these quilt shoots these days is all the action going on.
The boy, he's on the move!

Today, on his ten month birthday, he is sick. Boo! He came down with fever yesterday, and that is really his only symptom. I took him to the doctor today and they say a "fever virus" is going around that could last 3-5 days! Of course this comes at a time when both S and I are busier at work than one armed wallpaper hangers. So we're dividing and conquering until he is well.

We shot the photos in the front room this month.
Instead of his room. This is his room.

new face collage
Here is that new face again. Menacing, really.
In a completely cute way, of course.



I guess he wasn't naked enough.
He wanted the diaper off too...

We have a very busy month ahead of us before he turns 11 months - two (really three, to be explained one day) trips and laundry, cooking, cleaning and general errands to accomplish in between. I pray it'll also be a month full of fun and surprises as our sweet boy continues to grow and change, develop and make our lives wonderful.


Ten months on Nana's quilt.

See you soon.

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  1. Absolutely precious! He is growing too fast for me. But you are a great Mom and he is a healthy, happy baby boy. Blessings abound.


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