Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Big Apple

S, LM and I took a little trip to the Big Apple last week. I had to go for work, and well, since I'm still breastfeeding, it was easiest for the boy and S to just come on the trip too. It was a quick trip, but we managed to sneak in a couple of non-work events with the little man. Here are some photos, some taken with the purse camera on an ISO way too high. (doh!) Some were taken with the camera phone.


Taking in the sea lions at the zoo.
LM's jacket - FDNY souvenir that he'll be able to wear for a WHILE.


We took in the Central Park Zoo on Tuesday morning before the rest of the groups arrived. We were pushing morning nap time to get this in, so LM was a little sleepy. He looked at the animals at the zoo, but didn't seem that interested in them - he's a little on the young side.



But, he LOVED the children's zoo where we were able to pet some of the animals and feed them. I tried to get photos of him with some cute acorns toward the end of our trip though, and as you can tell from the photos, he was pretty tired by then. We walked around a bit in Central Park this morning as well. It was GORGEOUS weather the entire time we were there, making Central Park even that much more appealing.

Sleepy boy

Since LM was otherwise occupied, S made like a turtle.




Just about to fall asleep sitting up...

Wednesday was pretty much all work, as was Thursday morning. But, before we boarded a plane to come back home, Thursday afternoon we headed to Toys R Us in Times Square to ride the ferris wheel that is INSIDE the store. That's right - INSIDE! Then, we walked up towards Rockefeller Center and on back to the hotel. Then, it was time to come home.

In Central Park

Lots of sleeping on Mommy and Daddy

Times Square

Ferris wheel...

On the ferris wheel

On the plane rides and while we were there, I would say LM did pretty darn good. He slept most of the plane rides, and he slept OK at the hotel. He had a crib, but he could see us when he woke up, so that meant he didn't just fall back asleep. Nope. He wanted us to come get him. So, sleeping was not as smooth as at home, but not horrible either. We all did sleep! He did great in the stroller all over NY and even in the tiny restaurants that didn't seat many kids. He won them over with his charm, of course. So, even though it wasn't as smooth as when we're in our own surroundings, I think I'd call it a win. This is good, since we're traveling again twice this summer at least, if not three times. So, the boy, he's got to learn to stay flexible. Bend, baby bend!



(LM and S are in this photo...see them?)

See you soon.

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