Thursday, May 19, 2011

Safety Day

Fab photo op at the front of engine 55.
This is all he could muster.

The Early Childhood PTA I now belong to - yet another group I was not planning membership in - held a safety day last weekend at a neighborhood park. While LM is a little young to talk to about stranger danger or anything else, we thought he might like the flashing lights on the police cars and the bright red fire engine. And the park is an easy walk from our house. So we headed out to see the sights.

S and LM checked out the fire engine in detail.


They also checked out the police car.

This is a photo of the general sights of Safety Day.

Turns out LM wasn't that interested in the flashing lights or the fire truck. He might have been a tad on the sleepy side. But, we ran into our friends Deborah and John and their two children! So, it was worth the walk just to say hello to them.

Cutie Patootie Rachel, held by her dad John

Dexter, playing peek-a-boo around his Mama, Deborah

Perhaps next year Safety Day will be a little more exciting for the boy. We shall see. It was something to experience though, on a beautiful day!

See you soon.

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