Thursday, May 12, 2011

9 months old

On April 23rd, Little Man clocked in another month. He is now NINE months old. Here are some of the highlights from last month.

Eight months on Nana's quilt

During the last month, LM learned to sit himself up from a laying down position. This is a skill he is very glad to have, as he has never really enjoyed "tummy" time and now, when put in tummy time position, can just take himself right out of it. It also means he regularly hangs out in his crib sitting up. We had to immediately move the mattress down to the bottom level, as it took about three seconds for him to go from sitting to climbing the rungs.

Slumberbugs. A Saturday morning routine.

Our little guy had his second tooth come in this past month. It was the second middle bottom tooth, joining the first tooth there on the bottom of his mouth. He has started teething in earnest again as well, and will have some top teeth any day now, I think.


We have started practicing drinking out of a sippy cup. At first, all he wanted to do was chew on the spout. But now he gets that he can get a drink out of it and likes to do so.

April 10 Easter Egg Hunt 2011 (1)

And, probably the biggest milestone, LM started CRAWLING this past month. It is amazing how one day they aren't really crawling (he was mobile, but slow - scooting from here to there) and then BAM the next day, they are crawling EVERYWHERE! He first started with what I called the "Hunchback" crawl, where he sort of dragged one foot behind him as he went forward. Then he straightened that up and went about his business on all fours. He loves being mobile and being able to check things out. Mama on the other hand is exhausted with all the up and down and "eagle eye" lookout she now has to do. This parenting is for the young, and sister, I'm not young enough. But I'm enjoying it nonetheless.

Early Hunchback crawl

Now that he sits up and plays more independently, I have been able to plop him down on the kitchen floor when we get home in the evening and entertain him with pots and pans, plastic bins, utensils, etc. I pick something new every few days, and it keeps him entertained while I unpack his bag and get him ready for the next day. On occasion, it even keeps him entertained long enough for me to - GASP - make some dinner!

Crawling up a stair at Unk and Bevi's at Easter

And, as I mentioned earlier, he is also pulling up quite a bit. He's not "cruising" yet - trying to move while standing up - but he pulls himself up to standing with regularity. One of his favorite places to do this is on the open dishwasher door. It's just his size. I purchased him a couple of "standing" toys that he likes to play with too. And, we've cleaned out all the tiny baby toys - the bouncy seat, swing, exersaucer, playmat. Of course, there's new brightly colored plastic things to replace these items and we're starting to collect those now.

Standing in his room.

He loves his daddy.

As of his 9 month appointment, he has slimmed down in baby terms. He didn't lose weight, of course, but his weight is much lower percentage-wise than his height. Previously they were equal. He was 19 lbs, 15 oz (55%) and 28 5/8 inches long (75%). His head grew in percentage terms - 18 inches around which meant a 75% reading. Maybe he'll have a Craig head after all...


Raiding the pantry...

...proud of his find.

He is "talking" even more. Regular phrases are "lehderlehderlehder" "bla bla bla" "da da da da da" or just "da". Also, "ah" "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "mmmmmmmmmmm" "mmmmaammmmm" and a host of other consonant and vowel noises. He has also really learned to scream if he's not interested in what you have to offer, and to shake his head NO when he's not inclined to do what you wish.







Our Little Man still gives great hugs, amazing smiles and infectious laughs. He makes my heart melt when I pick him up from school and he smiles so big and can't wait to get his hands on me. He's so, so sweet. We are truly blessed.

Nine months on Nana's quilt.

See you soon.

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