Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time to Make the Donuts!

It was officially the first day of the season at work - my ninth season - and my new boss started today. So, it's back to the grind. Not that it wasn't the grind last week, or this week won't be just as enjoyable - it's just a different kind if intensity. So, I need some time to get on the bandwagon there before I get back here in earnest. I have tons of things to go BACK and post for you here - I still have birthday photos to share, now that they finally uploaded, a trip to the circus, a bowling adventure, etc etc etc. I hope to post those soon. And, I'm looking forward to this new chapter at work as well.

Counting to ten - except that when the video recorder came on, he stopped counting.

This past weekend we had the first time I've been mortified by my child's actions - at playgroup Saturday morning, LM took a bite out of the hostesses' 5 mo old son's hand. Yep! He did! He fessed up to it right away, and said he was sorry, but why oh why did he do that??? I was and still am mortified. I spoke to the mother yesterday and the boy's hand is fine, but geez.

We talked about counting to ten on camera.
So then he did this.

Other than that, we had a really nice weekend. On Saturday afternoon, S and his dad worked their arses off fixing the ceiling in the front room - apparently, the condenser run off was partially clogged, so we did not notice it was not letting out enough water. The water not getting out was settling in the ceiling. It came crashing down Friday morning! No one was hurt, but it was a serious job to get it fixed, and they did great work!

While they were doing that, Cheryl took me out for my birthday! She said she wanted to take me to lunch and shopping for my birthday, and this was the first Saturday we were able to arrange it. It was a lovely time. Not only did I get to spend time with her, but I crossed some "to do's" off my list - I picked up a birthday present and I bought some new eyeglasses! Mine are several years old and pretty scratched up, so this is great.

The boys. My little boy needed a helmet...

On Sunday, we had the privelege of hosting our good friends the Townsends over for brunch. Their son, Elliot, is 2 and a half, and after a short bit of shyness, the boys played well together. It was nice to catch up with them while they were in town.


Also on Sunday we went searching for some new work clothes for me. I really want another suit. We could not find one...and then we went out Monday as well. We bought some tops, etc, but no suit. So maybe in a couple of weeks I'll look again when winter inventories come in larger quantities.

Elliott was over the photos by now.
But seriously, have you ever seen such a cute pair of boys?

About halfway through the day, though, I started feeling sick to my stomach. Then, I started running a fever. Ugh! I spent the rest of the afternoon and night in bed. I am happy to report no fever this morning, so perhaps it was a quick bug. I don't care - just glad to not feel horrible today, as it's going to be a busy week.

Well, that's it for today. See you soon.

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