Saturday, October 26, 2013

American Girl with Cora

One thing we were sure to do while Cora was here was visit the American Girl store. Secretly, I am SO GLAD I don't have girls so I don't have to ever go here except on a special occasion. This place - it is marketed SO WELL to young girls. Everything is at their height. Everything is pink. It's amazing how well they can pull money from parents' wallets. If I had a girl, let's just say she would never know this place existed until someone else told her. Ahem. 

But, luckily, I have a boy - and another on the way. So, I don't have to worry about this particular thing. Incidentally, one day I went here to pick something up as a gift, and I had LM with me. In a matter of moments, he had de-pants-ed three AG dolls before I could stop him. Oh my - I'll have my own issues, won't I? Anyway, I can enjoy this store vicariously through my nieces, who have learned about it some way besides me. When Veda came down a couple of years ago, we made the trek to this place, so now it was Cora's turn. We had a nice time checking it out:

Of course, there was a visit to the hair salon.




And there was lunch.

I'll have you know this doll drank her weight in pink lemonade.

And of course there was shopping!

Then, to make this girly day complete, we went for pedicures.

A fun day.

See you soon.

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