Friday, October 25, 2013

Caught Up

Let's be clear. That title up there is a joke. All caught up? Me? Ha! HAHAHAHAHAH! But, I AM, until this afternoon, all caught up with regard to downloading, editing and uploading photos I took from July until now. So, I decided that means I should get around to posting again. So here we go!

First, a little update since my last cryptic post. After months of stress and ridiculousness and waiting to find out how it would go, S was laid off from his company toward the end of last month. The worst part of it, in my view, was that he had to go through it. The best part is he can now move on, de-stress, find a better position, and be appreciated. In other words, except the fact that I hated he had to go through it, I think it was the best possible thing that could have happened - ever. He wanted to get out there and start looking immediately. I suggested instead that he take a month or two off to get himself back to normal. He decided to take me up on that. And, he's had some dental work done that would have been nearly impossible if he were still working. And, he's spent a lot of special time with our boy. And, pretty much it's been great. He's coming out of the fog and getting ready to start networking to find his next assignment sometime soon, and I have no doubt it will work out as it should. 

OK - now let's travel back in time, shall we? Back to the photos I just downloaded from the past four months...

For one, I cut my hair.
I've also dropped the glasses, actually. One day I'll find a photo sans glasses.

LM is still in love with Bubba's - his favorite restaurant.
If you ask him where he wants to go, his first answer WILL BE Bubba's.

The IHOP around the corner from our house had a grand re-opening.
LM was fascinated by this "dancing man"

He is still very into dressing up - more on that in another post sometime soon.

But here's one more - fireman outfit, boots, spider-man backpack

I think I mentioned Cora came down for LM's birthday.
Oh how he loved that - we all did, but LM especially.

Another one of the two of them.
She was so incredibly nice to him when she was here.
I'll tell you more about what we did while she was here sometime soon too.

He is still the sweetest thing ever, especially when he is sleeping.

This is LM with his sweet 2 yr old teachers.
They were the best teachers ever. I love them.

Here's evidence of the day Nonna led the congo line.

One day I was napping, and was visited by a masked man.

Oh, and back in August, LM and I had such a nice visit to Indiana.
More on that, too...

In other words, I'm a gonna try to do my very best to post more regularly, get caught up on all this stuff I have to share with you. In fact, I'm sure there are even more random photos to share too...but for today, this'll do, pig. This'll do.

See you soon.

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