Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rough and Tough

The other day LM and S set out to play football in the house. Of course, for this LM needed a "helmet" and "shoulder pads" and "gloves". This is what he and Daddy devised for this use. Please excuse all the boxes sitting around, waiting to be filled with our junk as we prepare to move:



Yes, that's his bike helmet, regularly worn indoors to ride his bike through the house. And, some towels that S taped to his shoulders. And, some mittens we recently purchased for one day when it might get cold enough to wear them around here. He actually went hunting for the "gloves"...

In the stance...

Running with the ball for the big win.

That stack of "magazines" in the background? That is all the catalogs we have received in the last couple of weeks. Freaking out of control. I'm saving them to take in to LM's classroom so they can use them for scissor practice and art projects.

Oh - he threw the ball!

The pass was incomplete...

Oh but he had so much fun!

See you soon.

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