Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome Back!

I hope 2013 is working out well for you so far. I have finally been able to get all my holiday photos uploaded, so you know, the next several days will be a recap of all that revelry. Today, though, as I was going through photos, I revisited some from the day we took the cousin holiday shots. I am still overall not completely pleased with my photo taking that day, but I found a few more I think are worth sharing. So here they are:

First, there is this.

He wasn't cooperating, he wouldn't look at me, and heck, I didn't even really want him to be hanging from the bars. But, this photo has nice light in it, and it shows him the way he IS at age almost 2.5. Not always cooperative, a little mischievous, and very curious and playful. So, I added it to the "good" pile.

OK and then there is this one.

I like it, of course, for some of the same reasons. End of day hazy light, playful uncooperative boy, sweet expression on his face. He really can be a booger these days. It's so funny, it is hard to get irritated. Not that I don't sometimes get irritated. In fact, I was probably irritated while taking this photo, hoping he would cooperate with me more. Oh well...see, son, I can still get a good photo even when you're a booger!

OK, and this one too.

Kind of a funny grin on his face, but great catchlights and generally good light on his face, and some interesting holiday color in the background. Not so bad.

And this one, too, for good catchlight and a killer smile.

This one I shared before, the epic holiday swagger.

But, this one, off center, is also fun.
It could have been great if I had used a reflector, I bet.

OK, and a couple of the other kiddos too... sweet, playing around.

And this one too! I actually really like these.
Childhood innocence, good color, cool outfits.

OK and one more of the boy.

This one would be killer if the focus was just a tad better. The best focus is on his tie, not his face. But, come on people, its sweet even with a little softness to it. Sometimes, when I look back at a group of photos, I find edits I should have done, exposures that are too dark I didn't notice the first time, crops I wish I would have taken. But this time, I found some hidden gems I just had to share. I hope you liked looking at them too.

See you soon.

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