Monday, February 4, 2013

NYC, Baby

I took a trip to NYC recently, for work. But, I caught up with several good friends while there for meals around the conference action. I know this will not be a shocker to you, but I took no photos of the actual people. As I have done in the past, when I get to visiting with old friends, I completely forget to take photos. At that time, I am always in the moment completely and enjoying their company. So, here are some random photos of NY from before and after time with my friends. Incidentally, I took the new purse camera, so all photos were taken with that new (to me) device:

Saturday night dinner

It was a restaurant, not a bar, even given the name. It was yummy, and looked VERY much, on the inside, like this place I ate in London, oddly enough. This restaurant is on the lower east side, where my friend Maria and I met up with our friend David, on his way to Brooklyn's St. Anne's Warehouse for a play. It was so nice to catch up with these two and enjoy a great restaurant. 

After dinner, Maria and I went back to Midtown, where we had some very mild weather for January in NY, and we walked around for a while, taking in the sites. Here are some other photos from that walkabout:


Set of the Today Show in Rockefeller Center



Made of Legos - the next day, I saw more amazing Lego stuff, 
which you'll see in a minute.


Lots of pretty churches in NYC

I'm not sure if this was still holiday lights, 
or how they decorate all the time.


This, surely, was holiday related.

This lizard is a permanent fixture.


The Apple store near Central Park - it's underground

OK, so the next day I met my friend Wilma for breakfast, and we stopped by the FAO Schwartz store quickly to pick up a souvenir for LM before I had to get back to the conference. We saw these big Lego people in that store:





Then, I took a self portrait in the hotel room.
With a grill coming out of my head.

So I tried a different mirror.
In my defense, there wasn't much else to do in the hotel room.
I was on my way to more conference-ing, as you can see.

Then I headed home...view from the plane.

Great weekend of information for work and visiting with friends in the downtime.

See you soon.

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  1. I have never been to NYC so I am grateful to see pictures of what I have missed. Given my (later in life), dislike of crowds....I think I want to see NYC more through the lens of others.


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