Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Hole

The camera was out, so that certainly meant I wanted to take his photo.
Of course, I'm always happy to oblige him that!

So here's another thing we've been up to lately. About two weeks ago, the toilets started gurgling after you flushed them, and after anyone took a shower. Fast forward to this week, the main sewer line to the house has to be replaced...here are the photos to prove it. I went outside this morning in my pjs to capture these great photos for you, while S and LM were loading up to leave for the day - the neighbors were so impressed, I'm sure:

This is the pipe where it comes out of the house.
The pipe sticking up in the air is the overflow. 
Which did, ahem, overflow.

I cannot remember if I've told you fine readers about our house plans - we have been exploring remodeling on our own lot - and when I say remodeling, I mean, pretty much tearing this house down and starting over. The lot is cheaper (to us) than any other lot we could use in the area, we need a little more space, and the configuration of the house on said lot is not conducive to just adding on. We have been looking to move to a larger house since LM was born and haven't found the place. We might be a wee bit picky. Ahem.

That is the pipe, as it snakes toward the main sewer tap, 
with a new cleanout the plumber installed last week 
when he thought maybe he could fix it by just cleaning it out.

So, we have been working with an architect on this plan. When we started the plan, the estimate for building was way less than it seems to be now. So, we are working through that, trying to decide if we still want to spend the moolah to build. But, since we started this process, the disposal stopped working in the kitchen, the ceiling in the living room caved in due to water backing up off the air conditioner in the ceiling, and now the sewer line has collapsed...oh, and the hardware on the front door had to be reinstalled this past weekend, and we have some electrical issue wherein the lights in the bedrooms won't work. But, friends, the house is seriously, generally speaking, in great shape! It's just all this fun seems to have happened at the same time. Just about the time we are trying to decide what to do. Isn't that about how it happens? Of course it does. Of course.

Have you ever seen a 50's era sewer tap?
Well, now you have. 
You have also now seen my hot pink socks.

Of course, it's the only one I've ever seen, so maybe they all look like this.

We have heard stories from our neighbors about these sewer lines - apparently, during and after WWII, clay and other stronger materials were in short supply, and manufacturers had started experimenting with different kinds of fiber pipe since the 1900's, so these sewer lines in the early 50's were made from some sort of fiber or tar paper pipe generally. And, generally, they are known to deform, or lose their shape over time, eventually leading to collapse. Several of the houses on our street had lost their main pipes already since we have lived here. So, it wasn't that big of a shocker that it was now our turn to pay the plumber, so to speak. See what I did there? Aren't I clever? 

A look back up to the house.
The guy spent ALL DAY Saturday digging that hole.
It goes down about five feet at the deepest point, 
if you can't tell depth from the photos.

While I snapped away, LM ran up and down the driveway.
What else would he do?

We just have to laugh at it, and be thankful we have money in the bank to cover the costs of the repairs, and move on down the road. We are blessed, and soon we will be blessed people with a new sewer line. How more blessed can you get than that?

See you soon.

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