Saturday, November 16, 2013



During the months of September and October, we signed LM up for tots tennis. This was something we had heard about from friends, and I missed the sign-up for soccer, so we figured we'd give it a try. It was a trying experience - LM never really got into it, and the lessons are an hour long with parent involvement, so it took everything we could muster to keep him on board and on task. That said, he did learn some things and have some fun. There are no more classes offered until the spring, so we will see then if it's worth doing again with him at that time. Here are some photos:

That is Coach Hector throwing the ball to LM

The classes are set up to work on the skills needed to be a successful tennis player - so most of the lessons are drills in hand-eye coordination and things like that. Then, there are drills that use the ball and racket, but aren't hitting it over a net. Then, at the very end, you try to hit the ball over the net each week. 

Here is Daddy taking his turn.


The last few weeks, I went with him. Sometimes he minded better for me. Sometimes he didn't. He's 3, what can I say. Onward.

See you soon.

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