Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another Quick Indy Trip

We headed to Indy again last weekend. Especially on the blog, it might seem that we just returned from there. We did just go in late April...but we like to go whenever we can, and this time we returned to celebrate. But, not all the time can be done celebrating. Some of the time has to be used to make everyday memories with the ones we love there. Here are some photos of the everyday things we did:

The first morning

The first morning we were there, it was maybe SLIGHTLY on the cool side out on the porch. So, of course, LM decided he needed his jacket to sit out there and read books with Nana. And of course, he needed his hood on too...silly boy.


Then we also had some playdoh time!


And some time with cousins!


The weather was absolutely perfect while we were there - upper 70's to low 80's and beautiful. We soaked up some good amounts of time outdoors since now that we are back in Texas the only place to be is indoors...more photos in the coming days.

See you soon.

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