Monday, June 24, 2013


We are set to head out to Colorado again this year, for a few days working in the mountains with my work. I'll work, the boys will play. So, the posting may slow a bit in the next week or two. We are lucky to have people who can watch and care for our life here while we are away, and are very thankful for that. But, before we head for the hills, so to speak, I want to get a few more posts up!


Last weekend, as part of our Father's Day activities, we headed to the Frisco Roughriders game. LM had been to a baseball game in Indiana when he was barely one year old, but this was the first one he had been to where he sort of got what we were doing. We weren't sure if he would find it interesting or not. He definitely loved it. We actually made him leave just before the game was over, just to beat the traffic, and he definitely wanted to stay to the end.


When we arrived, we headed to our seats. We tried to get seats as close to the action as possible, thinking this would spur his interest. It definitely helped, but in hindsight, this particular ballpark is so intimate, I think any seats we would have chosen would have been fine.

This is the mascot, Deuce.

It turns out we were sitting in a special section where people who are regulars get a special wristband for free food. Someone sitting behind us gave us their wristband! We had planned to watch a few innings and then go get a bite to eat. So, with this wristband, we had free food! I went into this special area, and got us all hot dogs, chips, and drinks, then went back and got us some ice cream. It would have easily been $25-30 of food we didn't have to purchase.

With all our free foot loot.

We ate at picnic tables out away from the action, and then let LM check out the playground. Yes - this ballpark has not one but TWO playgrounds. One is for little ones and one for bigger kids. He loved playing on the equipment. There was this bell you could ring, and one of the little girls was guarding it - anytime he tried to ring it, she would run back over and take control of it. Once she left, he was so excited to ring the bell! I was proud that he didn't push or shove her out of the way to try to ring it though - he waited patiently until she was finished. Whew.




After the playground, we stopped in the store and let LM pick out a little souvenir. Then we headed back to the game. When we got back to our seats, LM was more interested in the game than he had been when we arrived. He liked it then, but now he was really into it. It was really amazing to me that he could get so into it. He was also amazed that everyone in the stadium sang "take me out to the ballgame" at the 7th inning stretch. He had learned that song at school and knows all the words. He has brought this up to me on several occasions since then - how everyone sang together.


Then, we made him leave at the top of the 9th. It was 9pm, so he was sleepy, but still into the game. But, given the hour, we didn't want to get stuck in a long departure from the parking garage. He fell asleep in the car shortly after we left.

Some clowning around...

It was a great outing to do with our family - we enjoyed it, especially since LM enjoyed it so much. The weather was not too bad, especially for the time of year it is! There was a nice breeze and not too hot. So, we lucked out there. LM talks about wanting to go back all the time, so I am sure we will do that when we have the chance.

See you soon.

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