Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Perot Museum

Just when I thought I was finally all caught up on photos and posts, I found a gaggle of photos I missed...and one such group is from an outing we took to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science back in April!

We were supposed to go with our good friends Faleena and Mark and their girls, but they had a little stomach bug making it's way through the family. So, we forged ahead without them.

On the way in, some instruments to play.


Once inside, we headed to the lower level to the toddler area. 

Then, we went to the fourth floor and worked our way down to the entrance again. When we go again, with a little one, I would probably go to the lower level first, and then to the second floor and then just maybe peek at the dinosaurs on four on the way out. 




Running against the cheetah.

This was cool... can throw a ball, kick a ball, etc, in this little room, and they video it. Then, they run your video against someone who is an expert at whatever it is you tried to do. That photo is of LM watching his video kicking a soccer ball against a video of a world famous soccer player doing the same. 

A dinosaur created by LM

S pretending to be a weatherman

In a natural gas fracking simulator

I have to say - I think this exhibit is supposed to inform you of the fracking process and help you understand that it is safe. After going through the simulation, I am actually more convinced it is not safe and we shouldn't be doing it. So, didn't work for me.

Then, this is what we found on the 2nd floor:

These boys played with these toys for a LONG time.

And they made a car...

...and drove it.

We even ran with our own shadow.

It was great fun.

We'll go back to visit again soon.

See you soon.

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