Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Here we are about ten days post, and I will now tell you about Memorial Day! We went to the orchestra concert at Flagpole Hill and decided to let the Little Man stay for the duration. He did great and really liked the music and the fireworks. Here are some photos:

A snapped photo...

...the next one where he protested said photo snapping.

The concert underway!

The hat.

I brought this hat for him to wear while the sun was still beating down on us. He put it on just as the sun was fading, having no interest in it any earlier. Oh well - it still made for some cute photos.

Like this one!

I have no idea why the exposure is so wonky on this one.

Clapping along. 
It was getting a little dark for the camera to focus properly.

Getting on into the night...

OK, so then LM wanted to investigate Nonna and Papaw's cooler.


And eat chips.

He ate a really good dinner of chicken and potatoes and watermelon, among other things, earlier, so I didn't think the chips were too horrible.

Love this one of him playing with Nonna!

More playing. 
We bought dollar necklaces at Target and let him use them when it was getting dark.

Then it was DARK. And the fireworks began.

I didn't take any fireworks photos because I find the photos of fireworks aren't like being there. I let the boy sleep in the next morning a bit and I took him to school after breakfast. It was a fun time.

See you soon.

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