Friday, June 15, 2012

Well, Hail!


On Wednesday afternoon, our area of town was pummeled with a sudden and short but dastardly hail storm. The worst of it was just south of us - and I mean just south of us. Less than a mile - so we feel pretty lucky. Funny thing is, I heard the storms coming on my way home from work, with the Little Man in tow. He's been a little under the weather this week, and fell asleep on the way home. I decided to drive over to the hospital parking garage to sit out the rain and let him sleep for a few minutes. I didn't know hail was coming.




I sat in the garage for about 30 minutes and then remembered something I wanted to borrow from my in-laws, so I drove to their house. They weren't home, so I decided to go on home, just as it REALLY began to rain. And then HAIL. I have to tell you golfballs coming at your windshield is NOT fun. I pulled over as fast as I could and hid under a tree. This was right next to the lake, so we could watch the big hail splashing into the water. It was amazing!

Eating hail.



When it subsided, we came on home. At home, we found lots of hail in the yard! We walked around and checked it out. The Little Man ATE several pieces, even as I was telling him not to eat it, which didn't slow him down at all. I thought we had received a lot of hail until I saw photos and heard from co-workers just south of us who had yards that were so covered in hail it looked like a blanket of SNOW. They also had broken windows and windshields, so we were very lucky.



All of these photos were snapped with the phone...not great photos, but they tell the story.





Do you have plans for the weekend? We do - busy weekend ahead! First, Little Man has his friend Anthony's birthday party. This will be a highlight, as Anthony and Max have both transitioned in the last week to the next classroom and he misses them! He looks so OLD in his class now, as he is the oldest one there, and there are many new one year olds around him. Then, we have to get our house ready to have my work colleagues over. It's an "end of season" get together to just visit and eat some good food. It's the first time we have done this. I hope everyone comes and has a good time. But, we have to get a few things cleaned up (read - moved to the bedroom so no one sees the clutter) before they get here at 6 on Saturday! 







Then, of course, Sunday is Father's Day so we have lots of fun planned for that day too. It'll be great. Whatever your weekend plans are, I hope they go well. 

See you soon.

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  1. Well daughter, I guess you had to travel to Texas to experience hail that large. I am sure it has been as large in Indiana however, I have not seen any bigger than a pea. Great experience for Luke


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