Thursday, February 20, 2014

Big Brother Gift


We wanted to give LM a "big brother gift" for soon becoming a big brother - and decided to make it a soccer goal. He plays with his soccer (and other sports too) balls all the time in the house, and wants to talk about soccer all the time. And, he will play in the 3 yr old soccer league for 8 weeks this spring. And, once we got to talking about it, S decided he really wanted to build it with him - make the thing instead of purchase one whole. 

Last Monday, he and LM purchased the PVC and spent the afternoon cutting pipe to make the frame. We purchased a net online, and it arrived yesterday. So, the big brother gift is complete, a few days early. And, he seems to be very pleased with his new goal. And, he and Daddy had a fun time making it together. So, I guess it turned out to be a good idea all around. 


See you soon.

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  1. What a great idea to build it together instead of purchasing it. I think there is a good chance Luke might have some memory of this.


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