Thursday, February 6, 2014


I know most of the nation has experienced more snow this winter than they care to see for many winters to come. But, we had our first dusting (a dusting is all it was) today, and the boy was so excited to watch it come down. Here are a few quick photos from the camera phone as we headed out today - the drive into work was crazy - as people were driving 5 miles an hour for this bit of snow. Yes, there were slick spots, but seriously, it was out of control. 

The front steps that S was afraid I would fall on.
I went very slow - bad center of balance these days and all.

The happy boy!

Out in the "snow" - it was still coming down, so we got a bit more than this.

My car, nicely warmed up and scraped by S.

Our street covered in the light dusting.

LM wrote his name in the snow.

The crazy traffic - I was just going to close to that building in the distance - 
it was about 30 minutes to get there.

So, there's our big snow day. Don't make too much fun of us. ;-)

See you soon.

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