Friday, February 14, 2014

The Road to Sochi


First of all, Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. We posted our valentine making earlier this week, and will spend time remembering how blessed we are to have so many family and friends to love, and who love us today. I bought LM a card that makes monkey noises, which he will love, and will drive us crazy all weekend. So, there's that. True love and all. Ha. 

But I, I thought I would continue getting caught up on what we've done lately and show you some photos from a "road to Sochi" exhibit we checked out at Klyde Warren Park a couple of weekends ago. It's still sort of timely, since the Olympics aren't over yet! Imagine! Here are some photos:

There were all these little exhibits about each different sport,
mostly with interactive activities.

That one, with the green screen - they took LM's photo, and they were supposed to email it to us, with a snow mountain background. Um, we never got the photo. But, he had fun taking the picture anyway.



Since this exhibit, we have seen a lot more "hockey" playing around our house.
He uses one of his kid "golf clubs" and a small ball.





There was one tent set up with Sesame Street stuff - 
not sure how they fit into the Olympic exhibit, but LM liked seeing Elmo for a second.


Family self portrait in a mirrored reflection.

Fun little event.

See you soon.

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