Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One Week and Counting


If all goes as planned - and well, that's saying a lot - a week from today, we will have ourselves another baby boy. 

A selfie from the other night - I wanted to prove I now fill out that Halloween shirt
which is now a pajama top. Ha.

As I waddle to and from my everyday life events, I thought, to get me through this last week, it might be good to reflect on the positive things about pregnancy that I will never experience again - savor those things - and here is my list:

 - great, thick hair

 - clear, "glowing" complexion

Not that "great hair and complextion" come to mind here...

 - for me, weight loss - with both of my pregnancies, I lost significant weight - this time, I hope I can keep it off too...we shall see

 - the world loves a pregnant lady - doors open, seats given, smiles exchanged, an extra helping hand. It's the only time in my life when the world is so hospitable!

Nice "cute" expression, Ate Up. Nice.

 - I'm apparently a "cute" pregnant lady - people tell me all the time how "cute" I am - seriously. As a girl who has never been the "cute" one, this is new and different for me, and something to enjoy while it lasts.

 - All the crazy, alien movements of this big ol' baby inside me - a plus and a minus, at times, but definitely mostly a plus - a strange, wild, amazing phenomenon, this being a gestational carrier of another life. That my body knows what to do, that this little creature is so happy, growing inside of me, that he lets his presence be known by the shifting of what I'm sure is the cutest little bum you've ever seen. 

You're loving all these bathroom mirror shots, aren't you. ;-)

 - Pregnancy pants. I mean, really, maternity clothes are a pain. Especially at this point, when getting them to cover my vastness is a stretch, quite literally, but when will I get to wear big ol' elastic panel pants, day in and day out, ever again? 

The belly in my nightgown the other morning.
Round, it is!

So, when I'm not sleeping, (I actually drafted this post at 2 in the morning) having trouble eating, moving slowly or painfully, feeling the heft of the baby hanging off my front-side, I want to remember THIS list - the good stuff...for a while longer. It's been a real honor to carry this baby - something I never, at one time, thought would even happen once, let alone twice. And, it will be a blessing to all of us to have him join us very soon. Until then, I waddle on...

See you soon.

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