Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Frankfurt and Hannover

So we spent a day in Frankfurt - well, part of a day, anyway, and then the next morning drove through Hannover on our way to Hamburg. The thing is, we didn't really see much in Hannover except the hall - and I forgot to take an exterior shot of the hall!  Oh well - here are a few photos:

Frankfurt Alte Oper exterior

This would be the Frankfurt Hall - the Alte Oper (the old opera house). Here I was to meet someone at 3, who forgot because he had to go out of town unexpectedly, and his replacement plan didn't want to show me around. They just said NEIN! and hung up on me. So, they will be sending me some info via email.


It was a gorgeous Saturday when we were there, and the whole city was out enjoying it. We didn't really see much that was terribly noteworthy - just pretty old buildings, lots of people, and good weather.

The Frankfurt Dom




Obligatory candle shot

Interestingly, the candles were outside the church - you could ask for prayers without having to actually go IN. Ha.

The area around the Main river has been beautifully made for pedestrian traffic.

OTHER Steigenberger
OK Here's a funny...

The hotel we checked into was nice, but really old and sort of run down. So, I was looking forward to checking out the other hotels in town because I wanted to stay somewhere else with the group.  I googled "Steingenberger Hotel" before we headed out walking. I found several, but took the first one that came up. It happened to be on the OTHER side of town from the hall. We walked all the way over there to find this - a run down, dilapidated old hotel that is totally closed for renovation. I called our tour operator. I said, um, this isn't going to work. Turns out, there is another Steigenberger hotel - very famous in the city, old, but updated nicely, charming and 5 star. And closer to the hall, too! So, whew. Not this one. 

On the way to Hannover

Our meeting in Hannover the next day was at 11am. It was a three and a half hour drive, even on the Autobahn, so we set out early...and got to see the sun rise. This was out the car window - not bad, eh?

Hannover Centrum truck pad
Then we saw the hall.
But I didn't take a front shot, so here's the truck pad. Ha.

I did find this site with some photos of the exterior. There is one more day to chronicle, which I hope to get up tomorrow - Hamburg. We are now home, safe and sound, and got some good hugs from the boy. 

See you soon.

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  1. What a beautiful job of describing everything and putting in your (only as my daughter can do)personal touch with your comments. It really makes you feel like you were there with you. What an aventure you and Sam had to share...very nice!


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