Thursday, March 1, 2012

Catching Up

So I'm playing a little bit of catch up this week. My class is all over but the grading, leaving me with a little more time to tend to life in general. And, when I look at my Flickr stream, I have a number of random photos from here and there I haven't shared. So today, with a smidge more time, I plan to share them with you:

LM received Valentines.
This one from his Nana.

This one from Grandma and Grandpa Craig

Here he is riding the horse at Nonna and Papaw's house.
And his Mama is making an impression of Bertha the Wonderslug as commentator.

Playing in the curtains. Again, I am a sound effect MACHINE.

This was a while back - us trying to get him to say "Oh NO!" on camera.
He does it, but not in the over exaggerated big way he was doing it back then.
Breadsticks are a distraction, clearly.

After helping Mommy cook one day - chocolate all over his face.
I wish it wasn't blurry, but it is.

Sweet boy sleeping in the car seat.

He climbed up the steps, hoisted himself up and onto the counter and into the sink.
To brush his teeth.

See you soon.

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  1. I still have the toothbrush one as a screensaver. He is such a photographic prejudice; just the facts.


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