Monday, March 5, 2012

Reading Nook


I have shown you the boy in the corner with the books before on this blog, but he was just so sweet, reading to himself last weekend, that I have to show it again. It really has me thinking about how to incorporate a REAL reading nook into his room when we move to a big boy bed down the road and change things up. He really loves to sit back there and look through his books, quietly and in an all encompassing way. When he's in the reading zone, don't bug him - he wants to sit there and READ!!!

Here are some photos from Sunday morning:


The books are still piled up in bins. The "new room" should also allow for some bookshelves, which probably means taking my old toy chest out of the room. Perhaps we can use that in a "playroom" if and when we ever move. It still needs some work done to it anyway. 


The basket in the back corner is really reserved for books he will like when he is a bit older, or books we should look at together, because they have slick pages or something like that. This doesn't keep LM from checking those books out from time to time. He is looking at one from that basket in the photo up there - one of his favorites, actually, written by a woman from work, about instruments in the orchestra.

This is one of his recorded books, this one read to him by his Nana.

That is a great book - it talks about how all the babies born all over the world are pretty much the same.

Goodnight Moon. I have this one memorized.
In the great green room...

Another recorded book - this one read by his cousins Veda, Deacon and Cora.
And Uncle Steve and Aunt Terri too!

You can see the basket was becoming the "done" pile.
The bunny book was from Unk and Bevi last Easter - still a big favorite of his.

One of two photo album "books" he has - here he was saying, "Nonna!"
He knows all the people in his books.

That there is a book about Christmas. It's always in season.

So many books! So little time!

A soft book - with a mirror, of course - he's checking himself out.

Boynton books! Always favorites - these came from several sources...
...a big chunk of them from his cousin Ann, though. 
That Ann, she knows a good book when she sees it.



And there are many, many more favorites in those bins. He really loves books. I hope this continues as he gets older. I hope we can keep book reading part of our regular routine and part of something he values and enjoys. I was thinking we need to start going to the library and checking books out soon. There is one not too far from our house, so we could go on the weekend, no problem. 


At the end of this reading time, Daddy came in, and LM chose some books for him to read.

That book is about the itsy bitsy spider. 
LM is acting out the spider part in this photo.
Great memories.

There is another favorite in that pile next to Daddy - a foam shape book, first given to us by Aunt Brooke and Uncle Michael - he loves those. He loved the one he got from them so much I found a couple more for him to play with, and he loves those too. 

Do you have a a book loving child? What do you do with your children to instill a love for reading? Do you have a special place for reading in your child's room or in the house? I would love to hear your ideas. 

See you soon.

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