Friday, March 2, 2012

Helping Daddy and Doing it Himself

Helping Daddy

I mentioned last week LM recently was the recipient of an activity table, compliments of Kid's Woot. He helped Daddy put it together recently. Here are a few photos of that action:




Please note that we not only use rabbit ears, but some FINE rabbit ears at that.
We are top drawer, don't ya know.

There was really no need for a hammer. 
LM used it anyway.





Also recently, even as the weather is getting warmer, LM pulled out his owl hat and wanted to wear it around the house. He put it on himself, and that is why it is, well, not on in the way Mommy would have arranged it.


This boy loves puzzles. This one is his latch puzzle.

He is also a ham and a half. In case you haven't noticed.
I lurve him anyway. I do. I do.

This is the penultimate weekend before we leave town for twelve days and leave LM with his Nana. So, we really need to get some stuff cleaned out around the house so Nana doesn't have to live in our unnecessary clutter. There WILL be clutter, you understand. But, hopefully, only the necessary kind. Ahem.  We will of course have Little Gym on Saturday. But, surprisingly, we DON'T have a birthday party!  I'm sure we'll do something else fun and amazing with the boy as well as time goes by...who knows. We'll see ya next week right here to talk about it.I hope your weekend is a good one.

See you soon.

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