Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toddler Activity: Sorting

Boy, did I need to have a night like tonight with the boy, after the last couple of days. S came home tonight right before LM's bedtime from being at a convention in Las Vegas for a few days. So the boy and I have been on our own. And let's say he's not been on his best behavior. Instead, he's been on toddler behavior. Good thing he's cute!

Playing piano and singing

Last night, Sam and Cheryl wanted to take us to dinner, which was very nice, but LM was NOT in a good mood. In fact, the entire dining experience might be one of the worst nights I've ever experienced with him. He was fussy, inconsolable and disagreeable. And he didn't really want to eat. What a great dinner companion! When we got home, he cried through his bath and then went to B-E-D!

He'll match them up.
Taking the time to turn them into the hole - that's a 50/50 proposition.

Today when I picked him up from daycare, he ran to give me a hug and talked to me all the way home in this sweet singsongy voice. We even had an extra stop to make to feed a friend's cat while she is out of town, and he happily went into the house with me and fed and petted the cat. He happily got back in the car and came on home. Once we were home, he (slowly, very slowly, but that's his eating speed) ate a very good and BIG meal. He just kept eating, but the whole time, was in a great mood, talking to me and being silly.

This one he's had down for quite some time.
But he still loves to do it, of course.

There are several ways to Sit N' Spin, don't ya know.

We then went to have a bath, which he enjoyed, and once we were ready for bed, we had some time to play. We played with a number of toys in his room - puzzles, remote control cars, blocks, basketball goal, balls, more blocks, and CARS. When we got to the cars, he wanted to put them down this little car ramp of his. Most of his cars are too large to fit down the ramp.

Playing with the "just right" pile.


I suggested to him that we sort the cars into a "too big" pile and a "just right" pile. There were a couple that were really "too small" but we'll leave that part for another day. For today - if they fit down the ramp, they were "just right". Well, he LOVED this game. He tried each car at the top of the ramp and then would put it in the appropriate pile. Then, after a while, he could put some cars in the "too big" pile without trying them on the ramp.

The "too big" pile.

The Sit N' Spin garage.

All I had with me was the camera phone, and I didn't think to take photos until well into the activity, but I thought I'd share it with you anyway since it was such a hit. I think we'll try sorting some other things in the days ahead - by shape, color, size, type, etc, and see how it goes.

"Too Big" cars and "Just Right" cars both fit in the Sit N' Spin garage.

Wooden ducks also fit in the garage.

After we sorted the cars, he played for a good while with the "just right" pile. Then he decided the sit n' spin made an excellent car garage. THEN, he decided to drive the remote control firetruck off the top of the sit n' spin onto the piano below, which would start music playing and he would dance. What is on the Y chromosome that immediately leads a young boy's brain from "remote control" to "drive it off a cliff"? This double X will never understand. Oy.

Setting up to drive it off...


Good-bye Firetruck!!!

After this play time, Daddy arrived home:



Even Echo garnered a hug.

It was a sweet little reunion, and Daddy put him to bed. A great night, a fun little toddler activity, and a great memory. Love it.

See you soon.

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