Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Crafts for Toddlers: Heart Mosaics


LM and I tried out some toddler Valentine crafts in the last few weeks. I thought I would show them to you before the weekend in case they inspire you to do some craftiness yourself before the Big Day. You know - Singles Awareness Day, as a good friend named it. I love that. No, silly, VALENTINE'S Day. Never been a big V-Day fan, but now that I have a kid, it's a reason to get crafty! So, here we go.


I found this site via, where else, Pinterest! But, this particular craft was not what I found pinned. I loved her ideas, though, so we have used some from her other posts. LM ( with help from Mom and Dad) made three Heart Mosaics for his grandparents for Valentine's Day.



The supplies include - some construction paper (in the case, I used some scrapbook supply paper I found at JoAnn's that was a pretty shade of red), decorative paper, a marker and a glue stick. That's it!


I tried to pick out decorative scrapbook paper that would fit the "valentine" theme but still say "little boy" - so there was one with cars on it, but in lighter colors, one was purple, but glittery; one had a baseball stitch on it, but that is RED; and one was red with the word, "Love" all over it.


I cut the decorative paper up into squares that weren't too small for LM to pick up. I drew a heart outline on the paper and covered the paper with glue. Then, we let LM decorate the heart! He loved it!



Then, when he was through, I made sure they were all secure with some more glue, and wrote the sentiment using a silver writing pen. Voila! Grandparent Valentines!



I hope his grandparents enjoy his craftiness. We had fun making them.

See you soon.

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  1. Really makes it special to see him making them. Thanks!!


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