Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Andrew is Three!


Time flies, time flies, oh how time does fly. Little man Andrew turns three on Thursday, so there was a big ol' party last weekend to prove it. It started at the same gym we visited for Dex's party a while back and then we ate and opened presents with just the family after that. Luckily, LM decided to take a two hour nap at 8am on Saturday morning, (he was up at 6, back down at 8) or we wouldn't have made it through half of it. It was a fun time.

The Birthday Boy

Before we get too far - here's a little walk down memory lane:

Andrew, as a warm, new little bundle of love.

First Birthday

andrew at 2
Second Birthday

Ok, now that we're all caught up...I forgot that my newer camera's battery was almost out, therefore I didn't think ahead to charge that battery, or take a spare. Thus, I whipped out the Rebel XT for most of these photos. The only thing about that is, well, the settings and capabilities are a bit different than the newer one, and well, I haven't used the older one in a while. So, there's my excuse for the less than stellar shots at times. Dingbat with the Camera (that's me) forgets to check her settings. You might remember that about her. Luckily, Aunt Kim was also snapping away and she got some great photos. Here are some of the ones I caught:

Fun on the trampoline...
...here LM was lying down while Andrew bounced him in the air.
And of course, there is little sister Katherine front and center!

The "triplets" busting a move.


Grandparent Row

There was a game of Musical Chairs.

Only a good portion of the attendees didn't seem to get the game. It's OK - they had fun running around.

You can see here LM fell squarely in the "doesn't get it" camp.

Of course, Dexter was there!

There was, of course, singing and cake.
Andrew blew out his candle all by himself!


Then, onto presents.




statler and waldorf collage
You might notice a resemblance between the two on the left and the two on the right. 
At least this was the part they played at the party. Hee hee.

There were several of Andrew's toys that LM took a liking to.

Including eating pizza with Nonna in Andrew's bike helmet.

This activity table was also a hit.

Incidentally, we purchased a (much smaller) one like this for LM just the week before off Kid's Woot. It arrived Saturday by the time we got home, and I took some photos of S and LM assembling it. I'll show those to you one day, too.

He rode this gift throughout the house on his tip toes.

Very seriously checking out Papaw's photos.

Playing with the boys just before we left for home.

Happy Birthday Andrew! Thanks for inviting us to the fun. Here's to another one this time next year, OK? Deal? Deal.

See you soon.

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  1. Great job on capturing this event. I wasn't there but certainly got to enjoy a lot that happened. Luke stands out (no prejudice noted), he is a cutie.




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