Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The DL, on V-Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. May you be reminded how lucky you are to have all these lovely people who love  you. I am certainly reminded of that today! In fact, I was flipping through photos of my littlest Valentine, and found some more funny stuff to share with you today. Here are some things you should probably know about our boy and his little self at the present time:

If you let him help you cook, he will eat half the ingredients before you are done with them.

He sometimes prefers to jam on the guitar pantless.

Pants are optional, slippers are not.

In fact, he likes his slippers so much that he wants to wear them all the time. We have to tell him, "No, you cannot wear them out of the house." So, when we get home, off he will trot to find those slippers and put them on. Shoes off, slippers on. A regular Fred Rogers.

According to him, the diaper pail makes an excellent riding apparatus.

And, a good place to hide is under there. 
Until you realize you might be stuck.

It's true. That pacifier is his favorite thing on the planet.
And he IS a flirt.

Just the other night he was waving and saying hello to a group of SMU co-eds at the table next to us at a restaurant. They weren't interested in giving him the time of day. It didn't mean he wasn't throwing the charm their way.

And, sometimes, the charm is all for him. His chair was pushed up against the mirror the other morning. He climbed up in it, facing the back of the chair, his face toward the mirror. He looked right at himself, smiled really big, and said, "Hiiii!" Ham and a half.

He loves riding this horse that his Daddy once rode.
Looking much like his Daddy.

He adores handing out hugs.

And if there's a dance party - he's IN IT, baby.

Best wishes for your Valentine's Day. I'll be in class with my students. S has jury duty today. So, you know, one for the memory books. Ha. We'll love each other all day long, and that's all that matters.

See you soon.

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