Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Crafts for Toddlers: Love Bugs

I found tons of great craft ideas for toddlers on that site I shared with you yesterday. Also on that site, I found this idea and just modified it a bit based on the supplies I could find and my own preferences. This one involves the toddler, but also requires a bit of the adult. I didn't mind - I had fun making them. I've found my inner craftie all of a sudden, and here's what she did, having fun with her boy:

Here are the supplies, in no particular order.

The part for LM - creating "bugs" with his thumbprint.

And yes, because I have no smock, I made him do it in his diaper.
I hope one day he still loves me. 


Once we got going, he really got into it.
Not that you could tell from his gaze in this photo...

We decided to go ahead and stamp all the cards that came in the package.


Step two - after the paint dries, and you let the boy put on clothes.

You glue goggly eyes to the thumbprints.
To bring them to life, shall we say.

I did most of the gluing of the eyes - they are very small. But, LM had his own stash of supplies and played along with me. He loves it when we're doing projects of any kind. For instance, Daddy went to change a lightbulb the other day. Man oh man, he would not relent until he could get on a stool, right next to Daddy, and do whatever it was he thought Daddy was doing. He's a big boy, don't ya know.



96% received two eyes.
A couple, however, really appeared to be on their side, so one eye was sufficient.

Next, the bugs needed antennae and legs.

And they also needed a goofy saying.
You know, to make them REAL Valentines.

Then I poked holes in the cards, attached them to red cards behind,
 and threaded the ribbon through.

Voila! Cute buggy greetings!

Lather, rinse, repeat until all assemblage is complete.


Of course, it always goes smoother with cute help.

I added one more step to our Valentines... least on most of them.

I took photos of LM in a red shirt and printed them for the inside of the card. Only I didn't make enough prints because I can't count, so some of them went sans photo. Getting a decent photo was a whole other story. Poor S was jumping around like a wild man to get a good shot. LM just stared at him like he was crazy. Probably because he was acting crazy, but never mind. We finally got this one:

OK, good enough.
Print. Only forget you need more.

Use some glue and stick that puppy inside the card.

Now, it's REALLY done.

Oh, I cannot tell you how much fun these cards were! I think LM had fun with the project too, even though I had to help finish them. We had fun together, which is special enough. I wonder what year I'll be like, "OMG, another $%#^@ Valentine's card? Geesh". Well, not this year sister. It was fun.

Tomorrow I'll share with you a little Valentine treat we attached to these little cards for some of the locals. 

See you soon.


  1. Totally cute! Hope I get one!

  2. Received the pasted artistic creation from a obviously (talented beyond his age level), young man. Love the card and picture as well. Great Job Luke!!

    Grandpa Craig


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