Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eighteen Months Old

luke on late bench
Circa 15 months

Before he turns 19 months old, I am happy to report LM turned 18 months old at the end of last month! Time continues to fly, the boy continues to grow and change and learn new things, and I continue to be amazed at how much I can love that little creature. Here are some highlights from the last three months.

During the November Indiana visit with cousin Deacon.

Our little guy runs, runs runs now! It is hard to believe he hasn't even been on two feet for that long! He walks backwards, walks up steps pretty well, and down - even remembers to go slow and pay attention most of the time. He now uses a spoon pretty darn well, but even still sometimes prefers to use his hand. We have tried drinking out of a "normal" cup a few times, but he still has a sippy cup at school, so we are learning that slowly.

On Thanksgiving

He is still hard to understand, but he definitely has a growing vocabulary. Some of his favorite words right now are: GO!, NO!, dog, door, Echo (the dog's name), baa baa (what he now calls his pacifier, still a favorite), bath, "MUNO!" from his favorite - or only, actually - show - Yo Gabba Gabba, and duck. He will say "tscha tscha" for thank you, and sign it too. He LOVES to say "Mama" over and over and over, at louder and louder volumes. He also LOVES to say, "Papaw" which pretty much is the name for any grandparent at this point. He will say "Nana" but only if you prompt him  - "Is that Nana?" Then he will say, "Nana!" (or, Nonna - sounds the same!) And, of course, Grandpa comes out, "Papaw" for now. He says "bye bye" and "Echo no!" and the more general "No no!" but not too many two word phrases yet. Grammarians, forgive me for the last paragraph. Not that you still read this blog anyway...ha ha.

edited 3
Circa 16 months during family photos

Let's see - what else is new in the past three months - I see I need to start writing things down - it's hard to remember over three months with so much going on!  He will "brush" his teeth - we brush them first, and then he does it too. He will "read" books for a long time - he loves this actually. LM also colors nice scribbles and likes to finger paint.

Christmas with a toddler - fun, fun fun!

The boy LOVES to dance. And to drum. He also likes to throw balls and sort toys into different colors or shapes or kinds. And stack blocks!And, of course, he loves still to make a mess, but now, with prompting, will also help clean it up.  At his 18 month appointment, he was 32 1/2 inches and 27 pounds. This dropped him in the height percentage from 70% to 50%. At first, this worried me - is he growing appropriately? Is he eating right? Am I a completely neurotic parent? But the doctor didn't think it was any big deal, so I've moved on.

A smile!

We are trying to focus more on dressing himself - he will pull on pants while seated, pull off socks, and will put them on if you open them up for him. But, he's got a long way to go in that department - it's still early! He is sometimes happy to stay on his single nap routine on the weekends now - some days it's one nap, some days it's two. And, he can tear up a rocking horse - he LOVES to ride the rocking horse at home and at Nonna and Papaw's house!

With cousin Andrew in those blasted vests.

He is still such a loving boy - loves to hug and kiss and snuggle. I love this. And, he loves to also share his opinion about something. There is really no need for words when it comes to this. He likes to do everything himself, don't you know, and isn't interested in anything that might tie him down. He is starting to rebel against high chairs at restaurants - sometimes a booster will work and sometimes it won't for logistical reasons. But, generally speaking, if we can make it work, he is happier sitting in a booster.

Oh how I love this boy!

Some of his favorite toys right now are his character figurines, his guitar, books, Mr. Potato Head, anything he can ride on, and the iPad where he can play some toddler games or watch an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba from time to time. We seriously have to keep it hidden unless we're willing to allow him to play with it. His favorite foods right now are peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers and cheese quesadillas. I had to spell quesadillas three times before there wasn't a squiggly line underneath it.

Being silly in the baby chair

And, of course, we are still quite in love with this creature, our son, who has changed our lives forever. How lucky we are. How lucky we are.

Eighteen Months on Nana's quilt

See you soon.

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