Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Contents of my purse

A while back I bought this oversized black handbag to use as a briefcase, really - to use to tote extra stuff between work and home, and to hold some baby items we still have to have on hand. It morphed into me not carrying any other purse, and utilizing this large black bag as my purse altogether. Because it is so large, it needs a good cleaning ever once in a while, if you know what I mean. I usually set out to do this when it has collected SO MUCH STUFF that I have a hard time getting my hand down in the bag to find what I'm looking for. And not before.


Sunday night was one such occasion. As I started pulling out the contents of my bag, I was so freaking amazed at how much was in there I decided to write it down. For posterity. Here were the contents of my bag:

  - Four watches, one S's - this bears some explanation. The last watch between us ran out of battery last week. So, I finally took them all in to get new batteries. When there were no more to wear that were ticking. 

 - A pile of trash that included half-eaten toddler snacks, old notes, envelopes, expired coupons and a survey I forgot to complete.

 - A pile of receipts. We used to use our check card for everything, and they were needed for entering into Quicken to keep track of our finances. Nowadays, they are only a double check if there is trouble. They seem to pile up. And pile up and pile up. And I seem to have guilt about throwing them away.

 - My wallet, with some cash, some change, my driver's license, health insurance card, check card and credit card, as well as my corporate card. 


 - Sudafed six tab pallet, two tabs remaining

 - Tweezers

 - Small pair of scissors - I put them in my bag to cut off the tops of straws that are too long for LM. I rarely remember to take them out for a snip.

 - Powder compact that I never use unless I take it out of my purse. Then I MUST go purchase a new one. 

 - One package of tic tacs, peppermint

 - Baby fingernail clippers. Not sure why. I would never clip his fingernails out in public. 

 - A pen cap, sans pen

 - Two pens, one with its own cap

 - A barrette, black

 - A free mini container of hand sanitizer, sponsored by Bank of Texas

 - One tube of colored lip gloss

 - One tube of Zum Zumbo peppermint shea butter lip balm


 - Three tubes of Burt's Bees lip balm

 - The purse camera

 - Thirty-five dollars found outside the wallet

 - Four half used packets of facial tissues

 - My sunglasses case, sunglasses inside

 - Dental floss

 - A package of Mentos gum, fresh mint flavor

 - A page of Barnes & Noble coupons

 - A package of disposal bibs

 - Three diapers - no wait - four diapers

 - A travel pack of diaper wipes


 - An individual pack of teddy grahams

 - A cup of diced pears

 - A jammy sammy

 - Some Annie's organic fruit snacks

 - A pouch of happy tot vegetables

 - A travel pack of Wet Ones

 - Bags to put used diapers in

 - Three toddler spoons

 - A small brush

 - Four pacifiers

 - A pile of cards, some discount cards, some gift cards, some member cards,  totaling 27

 - A lens cap

The salt and pepper shakers, nor the sugar and creamer set - neither were in my purse.

Once cleaned out, the purse had pretty much these same contents, minus some change, the trash, the receipts, two lip balms and the lens cap. And I have to say I felt SO MUCH MORE ORGANIZED today - seriously - the whole day seemed brighter, easier, more carefree. I'm not joking, people - a clean purse will do that to a lady.

The rest - well, I'm still carting it around. And that's mostly true.

See you soon.

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