Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Continued

I warned you on Monday - it has taken all week, people to recap what we did for one stinkin' holiday. I was not kidding when I said I had an Easter hangover. But here it is - the final egg:

We went to Nonna and Papaw's after naps.
Of course, there were more baskets to be had.

I swear I took a photo of him in his suit before church, but I cannot find it now, so we'll skip to the afternoon. It started raining so we had to do everything inside, which for this crowd was not that big of a deal. We did put the suit on to try to get a photo of all five dressed up. You'll see later on...




The egg hunt - I have no real good photos of the actual hunt.

This is us opening eggs afterwards - proof it happened!

LM received several stamps in his eggs.

He LOVED them - and we had to confiscate them because of this love. We have gotten them out for brief periods of time. This momma has had one really well stamped hand or two. 

Uncle S helped Sophia out.

OK - here you go - the suit!

S wanted to get the suit. I wasn't convinced we needed it. And we didn't. But he did look pretty darn cute.

And, this is the group shot. 

I love this shot - it is one for the memory books - so indicative of the five of them at the moment. Look at Big A, posing like a good little four year old, Sophia getting the heck outta dodge as a typical two year old can, LM holding an umbrella of all things because he's momentarily obsessed with them. Katherine sucking on her fingers and Andrew just sort of hanging out, but not engaged in the actual photo. Classic with a capital C, people. I commented at dinner that it was a pretty good thing we had LM when we did, or I was pretty sure I would need heavy medication to make it through a family gathering right now. Seriously. Whew.

Moments later - look - Alexandra is still posing. Hee hee.

Two of the three babies.
Sophia did not return. Ha.


The dapper little man with his - ahem - umbrella.

My loves.

Wait - there's Sophia!

Back to casual clothes and play.


Ganging up on Uncle Michael


The table before the onslaught - I mean, meal.

After the kids were finished, Papaw was still eating.
But LM had donned that hat.

Pinata time!

LM is confusing his holidays.
He was remember the story of the Easter Elf...

The pinata needed a little help to bust.
Not the kids minded - when it rained candy, they pretty much got it.

Then the pinata became a hat!

As did the baskets.

And that's a wrap, folks. Amen.

Best wishes for the weekend. I have to do our taxes - yep - waited to the last blasted minute this year. Oh well. Other than that, I hope we can get out and about and enjoy the weather. 

See you soon.

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  1. I love the piñata hat. I am too, am very glad you had LM when you, cause if you could not have gotten thru the family holidays, your Mama would have had a tough time as well for you.

    Love you and love the post.. made me laugh.


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