Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt!

Oh, what a weekend we had. I took nary a photo, but I got to catch up with friends from grad school at a lovely luncheon on Saturday, S and I went out by ourselves like proper adults on Saturday night, thanks to my in-laws watching the boy. While we were out, the boy got to play with his cousins at a little get together at Michael and Brooke's (there are photos from that - perhaps I'll post some), we got LM's closet cleaned out - again. And, we then got to visit with Jennifer and Jack over dinner on Sunday night. We had not seen them since last fall sometime, which was way too long, and it was SO NICE to catch up. Let me tell you, LM had a BLAST playing with the big kid Jack - he's 5. LM did whatever he did. Seriously, he was a little monkey. Adorable. And Jack was so nice to let him. All in all, it was a red letter weekend for sure.

But, I figure I better get this post in before the end of April! It doesn't seem fitting to linger into May with Easter Egg info! When we were in Indy, we had our last Easter Egg Hunt of the season. My dad and Torchy moved it to this weekend because we were going to be there, which was so nice of them. Veda also celebrated her birthday on this date as well, as you will see:

The boy, taking a look see around.

We went to my dad's hours before anyone else was to arrive. This was my dastardly plan to get a nap in for the boy - if we waiting until he napped at my mom's - remember, he takes LONG naps there, on top of the timeframe of the party start being during nap time - we would have been way late. So, we went way early. I set up the pack n' play with Grandpa's help, and the boy took a nap - not quite two hours, but he did get a good nap in. Yay! It worked! He woke up about the time everyone was arriving.

They had a push bike, so he was in heaven.

There were also lots of big kids - he LOVES big kids. 
Here, he was giving Ryon "knuckles".

These two enjoy playing together, and they play together very nicely too.

Aunt Kim - or Mimi as she's known round these parts.
I'm pretty sure Deacon took this photo...

Look at him running right into the big girl pile-up.

We're starting to notice this kid has no fear - which is at this point not really a good thing. 


Rolen and the nose.

Ryon and the nose.

The egg hunt began.

This egg hunt is very organized - there are separate hunt areas based on age. There are a set number of eggs for each child, and one egg with each child's name on it. And, the hunt gets harder the older you are. Because I had a tiny one to watch, I didn't really get to see the older kid action this year. But I hear it was intense - Mindy hid some of the teenager's eggs - and she took photos of the hiding places because she was pretty sure even she could not retrace her steps. In the end, all the eggs were found, at least as we know it to be. 

The littlest crowd included Rolen, LM and Gibson.

On this day, LM's hair was uncharactaristically straight.

Those are my feet, yes.




This kid knows the drill - after the hunt, check out the eggs!

 These eggs had some candy, but also MONEY - cold hard coin cash. LM's piggy bank is a bit heavier now.

The investigating was age-wide, of course, of the egg contents.

Grandpa and the boy.

After eggs, these boys relocated some of Torchy's flower pot dirt.

And they had a blast doing it.


Meanwhile, I kept myself busy photographing the flowers themselves.

Then they moved on to the sandbox.





There were flowers near the sandbox too...

The birthday cupcakes, made by Torchy's daughter Mindy.
Pretty, no?

Make a wish!


LM stripped down after the dirt/sand.
We ate the cupcake shirtless and then got dressed again.


Some of the cupcakes had yummy filling inside.
Kylie was not a fan. She wanted a non-filled one.

It was a good day.

We were so glad to be able to take part in the festivities. It's always fun to be with family.

See you soon.

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