Thursday, April 5, 2012

Surfer Boy

Yesterday morning I took the camera out to take a photo of the Little Man in an outfit his Nana gave him at Christmas, so she could see him in the outfit. But then the boy was just so cute, I took a few more photos. Often, he wakes up in just enough time to get dressed and out the door with Daddy to school. This was pretty much the case yesterday - we only had a few minutes between dressing and leaving. On these days, I usually let him keep the pacifier. But, you will see, I talked him out of it for a while. He's showing a little bit more discretion in this area - or perhaps I should say a little less obsession. Only a tad, but hey, I'll take it. We're going to have to say good-bye to that thing this summer, so any indication it's not as important as it used to be is welcomed:

So there is the cute little surfer outfit.
Those are surfboards on his shorts.

Hey Little Man, can you take your paci out? 
Well, look at that, you CAN!

He put the paci away in the drawer and put the plastic slinky in his mouth instead.
Of course. The slinky was in one of the eggs from the recent hunt.

Then we started playing with the bubbles from the egg hunt.


I blew some bubbles,but then he wanted to do it.
He hasn't really mastered this yet, but he tries.

And he has so much fun trying!

Trying to blow bubbles.

The boy's outfit is way more fashionable than my beaut of a nightgown.

Then the "bubble dance" began.



Then, of course, an appropriate ending to this little play episode - 
- a bucket on the head!


Happy Thursday, friends!

See you soon.

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