Monday, April 16, 2012

Normal and Boring

Well, friends, it's Monday morning. And it's the first Monday morning, I think, since I found out I was pregnant (and perhaps a few weeks before that, as I felt like punk) that I can say we had a NORMAL and BORING weekend. Seriously. No, really. Yes, it's true. We did nothing out of the ordinary. We had a wonderful time.

Muddy Shoes at the door after a walk.
Of course, S didn't get his shoes muddy.

What did we do? Well, I did our taxes. Cough cough. I'll be paying Mr. Collector on Tuesday. We cooked food together, did laundry, cleaned up and out, walked, looked at houses (in the eternal search to answer the question, "are we going to move, and if so, to where?"), did some errands, and enjoyed each other's company.

But here's the real story - it's the first Monday morning where I don't feel like I chased myself coming and going all week and all weekend. Perhaps I'm getting senile and I've forgotten things. Perhaps I'm just too tired to remember. But, really, I think we have reached a new plateau - a house without a baby.

I'll pause for you to stop crying. Heh heh. But seriously - we are rounding the corner into age two, and he's really not much of a baby anymore. I'm working on his 21 month post, as that will happen on Monday and I hope it's not as late as some of the more recent posts. He's communicative, less needy, etc etc. And my body has moved on to it's new "normal", whatever that is, but it's not all wonky anymore. And our routine has settled in, and we're normal and boring. Thank God.

Don't get me wrong - there are still things left undone. There are still ways (and ever will be) that we're growing and changing around here. But, for some reason, for right now, it seems less daunting and more possible and alright. Amen to that. I'll take it.

So Happy Monday friends! I took virtually no photos over the weekend, so I'm not sure how much I'll blog this week. I have a few things in the can I have neglected to share, so we'll get those up and go on down the road. Best wishes for a fabulous week to you.

See you soon.

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