Monday, May 7, 2012

Shooting in RAW

Well, folks, I've actually taken the plunge - I switched my camera over to RAW mode. Actually, I have it taking two photos each time right now - RAW and JPG - which really slows it down - but while experiment with downloading and editing those RAW files, I want a back-up.

For you folks not into photography, RAW is a file format that is used by the professionals. If you have a  DSLR camera, chances are your camera will shoot in RAW. It gives you a larger file with more of the information saved, and thus is more malleable in the post production stage. It takes up WAY more space on the SD card - especially since I'm shooting both formats right now - a 16 GB card that will fill with thousands of JPG images will only hold 396 of the double format. Ahem.

Why switch to RAW? Well, I am starting to take some photography classes, and they will assume you are shooting in this format, is the main reason I switched right now. I purchased Lightroom and am taking a class to learn more about it starting on May 14. So, I need some RAW photos before then.

And, in general, I am trying to focus again on my photography, but this time, really learn from some pros - get some credentials - learn the actual business of photography beyond the art and fun I have now. We shall see how all of that goes...

But, you might notice there are no actual photos in this post - well, there are two reasons for that. First, I am experimenting with the RAW files and want time to really process THOSE files without going straight back to the JPGs. Second, we had such a full weekend that by the time I sat down to do any editing, I was pooped. It was a great weekend, but tiring!

So, I hope to post some photos soon, my friends, I hope. Cross your fingers for me.

See you soon.

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