Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Funny Boy

First, the other day he insisted on taking his "TRUCK" book to bed with him for his nap. When I peeked in on him, he was like this:

Sleeping on the book.

I covered him up and left him sleeping.

Of course, that page is now a little drool laden. Ahem. Then, I recently bought this contraption to put on top of my camera that will hold a stuffed animal or other such thing you want to put there to try to entice children to actually look at the camera. I tried it on LM. Let's say it worked - the photos aren't great because I was, as you know, shooting in two modes, but he's a lookin' at the camera!


Even S complied, hee hee.
I wish this wasn't blurry... can see he's still up to the tower making.

Amazing, everywhere I went, he looked at me!
I'm sure this will wear off with him quickly...

...I need to find ways to use it - quick, before he figures me out!

See you soon.

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