Friday, May 4, 2012

21 Months Old

Taking photos with the quilt was,well, interesting.

Last week, on Monday the 23rd, to be exact, the boy turned 21 months. Time for another quarterly update. In short, he is still growing and changing at warp speed. But, here are some other details.

His current obsessions include: airplanes, trucks, umbrellas, snacks, dogs, Mommy's water bottle, and saying "thank you."

Mostly he wadded it up and threw it around.
And stood where I could get the pile of stuff to go to storage in the background.

His vocabulary is really taking off. It seems like he is constantly talking - to you, to me, to anyone who will listen, to himself. He says full sentences sometimes, and full sentences you can't understand a lot of times, and one word punctuated commands much of the time. He says "Mommy" and "Daddy" and even "No" in the cutest little voice. We need to capture it. We practice saying body parts and colors, numbers, names, whatever. And, he has learned the word, "MINE!" Lovely word. Oy.

Another favorite - blanket on head.



He is learning his colors. He has blue down 100% of the time, yellow down at about 80% and the rest of them at less than 50%, but gaining every day. He also will count - pretty solidly to three, but then he pretends to count further than that. He just doesn't know the numbers.

So I enlisted Daddy's help.

He feeds himself - with his left hand - really well these days - even pretty cleanly, actually, if a spoon is involved. This is amazing to me, as it was just months ago it seemed he might never get the hang of that spoon. He is still a fairly picky eater...I hope we can work on this as he gets older and can understand more.

He wasn't a fan of Daddy helping, at first.


His newest "trick" is to take off his clothes. I'm glad he's learned to do this, but also appreciate the boy staying clothed! When we were at my brother's house, he took his shirt off and started twirling it in the air above his head. Live large, young man. Ha.


We go through the body part names pretty regularly - this is a favorite pastime for the boy - he likes to "pretend" he's confused between "elbow" and "boo boo". Then he smiles - he knows what he's up to. He still doesn't always get "wrist" but is pretty good at "shoulders" and "ankles" and all the other parts in between. Of course, he knows "teeth" and "tongue" and loves to open his mouth to point these out too. He loves brushing his teeth too..we do it and then he does it.


Little Man is, thankfully, dumping less and cleaning up more. Amen! He loves to clean up right now. He sings the "clean up" song and will help do just about anything. I hope this part continues. He will still dump something on the ground, but not as often - really not as often - a lot less - so I'm really glad about this.

Look - he's smiling! Sitting on the quilt, sort of!

Not for long.

The Little Man will give you a fist pump or "five". He'll sing along and he really loves to dance. When there is music on, he gets his groove on almost always. He doesn't even really need music to start the dancing up. S has taught him to "get down" which is totally cute and warrants a video.



"Oooh, look - I dropped my snack!"

He laughs at the silliest things - something falling over, being startled in the house, watching the dog or cat do just about anything. He also knows when he's being funny, which is too funny to watch. And, he is a huge flirt. He will totally work over any girl of any age that will give him any attention whatsoever. Quite the ham, he is.

Then S had the idea to hold the quilt up behind him.




Darn that focus.





Well, there we go!

The boy has two good buddies at school these days - Anthony and Max. They play together, but they also push and shove one another with regularity. I'm told this is normal boy interaction. Boys, if you haven't already figured this out, we girls just don't get you. But we love you anyway.



I can't believe how fun it is to be this boy's Mom. 21 months is a great age - we're loving it.


See you soon.

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  1. I love this post. Did I say love love love it! Especially the pictures towards the end in front of the quilt...his personality is really showing up in those. Of course. I love him and you much more than the post... just making sure you know that and remove any doubt.

    Your mama


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