Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lego Tower

Last night, S and LM built a Lego tower to the ceiling! I captured some photos with the phone, so they are not great, but they tell the tale:



First I should say that LM had only a few Legos a couple of weeks ago. Because he is so into them right now, when I was out one day, I bought him a small add on set of basic blocks so he could build a few more things. I told S about this, he was sitting in the room when I opened them and let LM play with them, and so therefore I thought he knew LM had some new legos.



Apparently, sitting in the room while they are opened and hearing about the purchase doesn't necessarily  mean it sinks in. Ahhh, this reminds me of one time when we were on vacation and he asked me something I had JUST finished telling him. When I said, "I just told you that." He said, "Sometimes I don't really listen to what you are saying." At least he's honest. Ahem.


Anyway, back to the Legos. We went to the Lego store to see if we could get some Duplo building plates to affix to the top of LM's activity table, since the Lego top on the table is for the smaller Legos when he gets older. LM was getting a little antsy so after we found the plates, we left Daddy in the store to wait for him in the mall. Moments later S appeared from the store with the plates AND a new HUGE set of Legos.



I thought, wow, this kid is going to have a lot of Legos, but if his Daddy really wanted to buy them for him, I wasn't going to say anything else. So we headed home. S sat down at the activity table to install the Duplo plates and then got out the new Legos. Then he opened the old box. When he opened the old box, which is now full of the small amount he originally received and the new ones I purchased for him, he said, "Wow, he already had some new Legos! When did you get those? If I had known you already bought some I would not have purchased that box today."



Seriously? Really? OK. It made me laugh. Gotta love it. And now the Little Man is set on Legos for an eternity. The good thing about that is you can now build towers to the ceiling. The amazing thing about THAT is he was just learning how to really clasp them together to build small towers at the end of March while we were in Europe. Now, he can clasp them together way above his head until he can no longer reach, when he hands them to Daddy. He can also call out the block colors with some degree of accuracy, and he can search through the behemoth pile of Legos to find the cubes...every last one of them, if he's intent on building a tower like these.



The tower collapsed a few times, but that just added to the fun. Up it went again. And I'm sure it's not the last time we'll see this tower either. Certainly Daddy now has the memo that the boy has P-L-E-N-T-Y of Legos. Amen.



See you soon.

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