Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Safety Day


The Early Childhood PTA had a Safety Day on Saturday. Because the Little Man is still going to Little Gym on Saturday mornings, he pooped out after class, so we only ran over to the last few minutes of Safety Day! We got there just as it was wrapping up, but long enough for the boy to check out the sights.

Sometimes he'll wear his sunglasses now - I guess he's old enough to see, literally, the benefit of them. I think he's so cute in them, don't you? He was also wearing his Latin American inspired shirt in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Ha.




He also climbed in the police car, but I didn't get a photo of that, because while he and Daddy did that, I ran into a lady I used to work with - turns out she lives near me and had organized the Safety Day! And, her son is just a little older than the Little Man, so they might even one day be in class together. Fun!



We attended Safety Day last year, if you can believe that, just to see what it was about. A new addition this year was the Parks and Wildlife boat. Once the Little Man realized you could DRIVE it, he was hooked.



It was a nice event, and probably even nicer if we had been there for more than the last fifteen minutes. Maybe next year...

See you soon.

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