Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Well, dear friends, I have been a picture taking fool lately. I have TONS of photos to share with you. Why, you say, then, haven't you blogged every day? Well, dear friends, there are two reasons for this. At least two. Ahem. First, I am taking an online class to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom. At first, I wasn't so sure. But now I'm all in love and it's wonderful. And, remember when I told you I had waited for YEARS to try shooting in RAW? Yeah, well, I should have done it YEARS ago. It's amazing how much control you can have over the image in RAW. I LURVE it. I do! Anyway, I've been spending time on that class instead of blogging.

Second, my car has been in the shop for a week. It is 11 years old but hasn't even cracked the 100K mileage marker. And, suddenly, when it's over 80 degrees, about 20 minutes into your drive, the air conditioning stops working. They can't figure out why...so we have been with one car for a week and counting. This means I have not gotten my downtime in the mornings after S and LM leave for work and school and before I go to work. This is prime blogging time, people, and I miss it. It's also prime "momma keeps her sanity" time, and for that reason, we should all miss it. Ha. And, on the car, I want to keep driving it for a while longer. I HATE buying a hugely depreciating asset. I HATE car payments, and I don't like any of it one bit. But, sister, as my good friend Amanda pointed out, if there isn't air conditioning, you might as well not have wheels in Texas. So, if they can't fix it, I guess I'm a gonna have to face up to the fact that I might need a new vehicle. Groan. Sigh. Ugh. Yuck!

OK, so on to a little blog post - LM's best buddy these days is his friend Max. When I pick LM up from school each day, we recount his day. As in, I'll start mentioning things I know he did, and he repeats what I say, with a little embellishment along the way. One such embellishment that happens almost every day is when I ask him about going outside. He says, "Max!". He and Max love to play together. So, Max's Mummy (and she is a Mummy, from Ireland) and I arranged a Sunday play date for them to get together at the park. We met at a lovely park where I had never been and the boys had a blast. I didn't take many photos, as I was visiting with Max's Mummy the whole time, but here are a couple.

There they are, hot boys on the playground.

LM was skeptical of our request for a smile.
Max is clearly not so jaded.

Time for some water!

Max has an older sister, Eva

And then they were OFF!



And then...recognize this little girl?

We're standing there, talking, while the children played, and then our nephew Andrew walked by. I said, "Hi!" He said, "Hi!" and kept on walking. Randomly, Brooke and Michael had stopped by the exact same park! I also ran into a former work colleague, there with her family. It was old home week! After the play date, we went to a nearby restaurant with Brooke and Michael, where Kim and Mark met us and we all had lunch.It was a fun morning all around.

See you soon!

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