Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making Gifts and Having Fun

Last week, we got together briefly at our house to make some gifts for Nonna, S's mom. We thought it would be fun to do something with the kid's hands, while they are all still so little. So, we had them put their hand in paint and we made an apron for her, and then we cut their hands out of fabric and made a bag for her. But, while we were together, the kids had fun.

I was still trying to use the RAW + JPG setting, so the photos are blurrier than normal, I apologize again:

Playing in LM's room

The gifts in process.


More fun in the room.
Who knew the room was so big! Ha.

Then I came across this cheap parachute I bought at World Market one day - I thought it would be fun to play with the kids. I think they did have fun with it - especially the two older ones. Here are some photos of us playing with it in the front yard:

That's me, the big blur. 







At the end, the Moms gave each kid a ride on the parachute solo. 
We got a little workout. Ha.

Then, here are the finished products, which the kids gave to Nonna on Sunday afternoon:

Nonna apron.

nonna hands
Hands on the bag, and...

nonna bag
Nonna written out on the other side.
The fabric here matches the hands on the other side in chronological order of birth.

So, there you go. Fun had by all, as I'm wont to say. Here's to a great Tuesday.

See you soon.

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