Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ice Storm

A couple of weekends ago, the entire city was shut down for several days. We were at our house for the better part of three days, where we were very productive, cleaning out and up through. It was awesome to have that time. We did leave on Friday and slept at Cheryl and Sam's, when we lost power for about 24 hours. The temps outside were in the teens, and our old house is drafty. But, the electricity came back on mid-day Saturday and we were able to come back home. It was great to have a place to go, though! And, thankful the electricity didn't stay off for longer - we had friends without electricity for the better part of three days. No bueno! Here are a few photos I shot of our surroundings while the ice lasted:

Let's see - there was this - LM used an oven mitt to make is helmet fit better.

We lost several small limbs from our big red oak trees.
We were lucky - many people lost entire trees from the weight of the ice.

That's all ice, folks. Slick, slick slick!

For some reason, S wore his "bank robber" hat for almost this entire weekend.
I have no idea where it came from - but he found it and put it to good use!

The shrubs, falling down under the weight of the ice.

Not much outdoor play time this particular weekend...

The ice was much worse further north and west. 
We had a small dose compared to those areas.

We had a fire almost the entire weekend, which was wonderful.

 Glad it melted, finally! We loved having the time together, but it was time to get outta the house by Monday! 

Today is Christmas Eve - we are going to go ice skating this morning, and then to church this afternoon for the family service, and then by S's aunt's house later on. Then, time to get to bed to rest for the big day tomorrow.

See you soon.

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