Friday, December 6, 2013

Isaiah Dances

While we were in Indiana, we were able to catch a few minutes of a Nutcracker preview put on by Isaiah's dance company. He is quite a dancer, traveling to competitions far and wide. And, in this Nutcracker production, he is in more than one dance number. We missed the big one, unfortunately, as we were running from another event. But, we were able to catch one of his performances before it was all over. Here are some photos:

This is Isaiah and his dance partner.

This was an ensemble performance - but I captured mostly just him and his partner.

Check that out!



The floor was actually level. Ahem.

And there they were during the final bow.

I'm glad we were able to capture any of it, as we rarely are actually in town when Isaiah performs. It was nice to catch something.

See you soon!

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