Monday, December 23, 2013

Making an Ornament

LM was sent home with a clear ornament ball and asked to decorate it, then bring it back to school to hang on their tree. We talked quite a bit about what we might want to do with it - then we decided to just go up to JoAnn's and walk around, and let LM decide what he wanted to do.

While at JoAnn's, we talked about painting it, filling it with all different sorts of things like beads, ribbons, buttons, and the like, putting stickers on it, etc. Finally, LM decided he wanted to fill it with these little pom poms - and they just so happened to be selling packages of "Christmas color" poms that seemed perfect for the job. So, we purchased a few bags of them and headed home to make the ornament. 

LM and S filled the inside, and I wrote on the outside - his name and the year. And, of course, while we did all of this, I took some photos, and so did S. Here they are:

Done filling!

Then discussion ensued as to what we should write.

Then I started writing - his name, a greeting, and the year.

Such concentration...

...such a cutie pie.

SO related to his father. ;-)


A family effort.

See you soon.

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